Style Related Quotes

Everybody wants to know about my style and how it came about. It's no big secret. It's the way I feel.

Ella Fitzgerald

“It will be a question of how quick they grasp our style of play and develop the level of confidence they need to be successful.”

Chris Shaw

“A Caribbean-style shirt in Miami is not going to fly in Nebraska.”

David Levin

“When you have that kind of injury, you have to change your whole style of wrestling. You have to learn how to defend a weakness you've never had before. But the harder it got, Ali just kept working harder.”

Gene Barber

“Since we're in an arena, ... We'll do it arena-rock style!”

Gerard Way

Being hunted, paparazzi-style , doesn't appeal to me.

Sia Furler

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”

Coco Chanel

Money has nothing to do with style at all, but naturally it helps every situation.

Diana Vreeland

“If you have an old style non-chip and pin card or present your card at a till that has not been converted then you will still be able to use a signature.”

Sandra Quinn

Fashion comes and goes, but style is eternal.

Yves Saint Laurent