Successful Related Quotes

“A clever, ugly man every now and then is successful with the ladies, but a handsome fool is irresistible.”

William Makepeace Thackeray

“Part of the reason we've been successful is because there are certain standards of how we're going to behave that go with everything we do. If you don't meet those standards, there are going to be consequences. Coach always talks about attitude, commitment and first-class. And punching someone in the nuts is not a first-class way of doing things.”

Chris Caputo

Pursue excellence and ignore success. If you are excellent you will be successful

Deepak Chopra

“Successful localization of hydroelectric equipment in the Three Gorges Project implies that China is able to design, manufacture, install and operate on its own 700,000 kilowatt water turbine generator sets,”

Zeng Peiyan

However successful you are, there is no substitute for a close relationship. We all need them.

Francesca Annis

“China has been successful - let's accept it. We want to emulate China no matter how we say we are different and want to be different. The fact of the matter is that they're on top.”

Chetan Ahya

I'd sooner be called a successful crook than a destitute monarch.

Charlie Chaplin

The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.

Saul Alinsky

“To be successful for a moment because of one movie doesn't mean anything.”

Nastassja Kinski

Having a successful first album is one thing, but a successful third is another.

Sophie Ellis-bextor