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“This suggests that there are common themes responsible for the virulence of influenza viruses,”

Adolfo Garcia

“Everything we know about Roberts, needless to say, suggests he has exactly the qualities needed in the chief.”

David Garrow

“The global pattern we observed suggests that plant species in species-rich regions exhibit a greater reduction in fruit production due to insufficient pollination than plant species in regions of lower biodiversity.”

Susan Mazer

“They're not used to pushing back when the other side suggests that the savings are deep cuts in social programs.”

Roy Blunt

“Nonetheless, the Italian political agenda in the run-up to an election suggests that it would be wrong to assume that fundamentals will be fully taken into account.”

Societe Generale

“The evidence in this poll suggests that race relations in America may be distinctly better than most of us think they are, ... Bearing the Cross.”

David Garrow

“This split ruling at least suggests that we need to look at these cases on an individual basis, as we have done in the past.”

Chuck Harrell

“It appears that options traders are bracing for volatility in Heinz and the increase in call volume suggests that many are positioning for a move higher. This might be due to the acquisition talks, but also an earnings report due out before the opening bell on February 28.”

Frederic Ruffy

“It suggests that the industrial production setback reported for June is unlikely to last and that production geared up the very next month.”

Chris Rupkey

“The recovery in employment and incomes should continue bolstering consumption ahead. And the recent machinery orders data suggests capital spending will maintain an uptrend into the fourth quarter onwards.”

Ryutaro Kono