Super Related Quotes

“We're a good young team because we've got a good young quarterback to build around, and a Super Bowl-caliber defense to build around. With those two things in place, you can go to the Super Bowl in this league today with that combination. Look at the Ravens.”

Chad Lewis

?I was always conscious of the fact that I didn't make it to a Super Bowl, but it hits me even more now because the game is in Detroit. You feel the impact more.?

Barry Sanders

“This is another exciting element of Sprint's Super Bowl XL sponsorship reserved for our customers. Last year, Sprint introduced the first wireless music store in the United States. We want our customers to be able to replay the fantastic songs from the halftime show whenever they want.”

Steve Gaffney

“He loves going down the super slide over and over.”

David Lyons

“It was such a thrill to see my photo on a mobile billboard. What a super promotional tool!”

Susan Lucci

“His workout was super. He did a great job. He put on a show. He made every throw.”

Gary Kubiak

“The Super Bowl has become an excuse to party. It has become a part of our culture. We as a society are looking for ways to affiliate with others. We're very social creatures. People have found a way to link up with other people who share a common bond. The TV is inside, and it's cold outside. That's where people want to be. People get together and consume the event together.”

Daniel Wann

“It's the super aspirin that lived up to its name.”

Christopher Cannon

“This is just a dream come true, to be at the Super Bowl and starting in a big game like this. At North Carolina, I really couldn't even get on the field.”

Willie Parker

“We've been calling it Super Tuesday. I spent an hour (Monday) just talking to our kids. I just wanted to get a gauge for where they're at heading into the match.”

Chopper Mello