Superb Related Quotes

“Yale?s capacity to fulfill its ambitious mission has been greatly enhanced by their superb stewardship of the endowment,”

Richard Levin

“You couldn't find anything bad to say about him. You couldn't criticize his coaching. He was superb. He was innovative. He was ahead of his time.”

Rick Majerus

“A profit like this in a year like last year is a superb result.”

Dane Douetil

“We are pleased to add AOS to our expanding base of customers. We look forward to supporting AOS with superb wafer processing along with a wide range of services including turnkey solutions and module development.”

Jae Song

“Alan Greenspan has done a superb job as chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve system and I have great continuing confidence in his economic stewardship.”

Scott Mcclellan

“It was an outstanding show. She's a great show person, and she did a superb job. There was really something for everybody. I looked around and could just see smiles on everyone's faces. It was a fantastic show and everyone had a really great evening.”

Richard Miller

“This is absolutely superb, it should have been done two years ago. You have to screen for a whole range of people -- former Saddam supporters, members of militias or new political groupings, and those with grudges to bear.”

Paul Beaver

“It benefits from its nine-person cast, superb from top to bottom, and, let's face it, expectations so reduced as to be almost minimal.”

Clive Barnes

“The surroundings are great, it is a fantastic area and the facilities are superb. You need the players as well and they have brought them in. The squad is good enough to challenge. Hopefully I can bring a bit of experience, as I know how to win trophies.”

Ray Parlour

“People are always saying that Darren is an underachiever. He is a superb driver of the ball, maybe the best in the world. Tiger Woods, I know, would buy Darren's driving. He's a great long-iron player and a pretty good medium iron player. But he's a relatively poor wedge player. And that is what holds him back.”

Darren Clarke