Superior Related Quotes

The way to build superior long-term returns is through preservation of capital and home runs...When you have tremendous conviction on a trade, you have to go for the jugular. It takes courage to be a pig.

Stanley Druckenmiller

“Whirlpool has to put pressure on the Maytag board to focus on the superior value of its bid.”

David Macgregor

I think you can leave the arts, superior or inferior, to the conscience of mankind.

William Butler Yeats

All duties are matters of conscience, with this restriction that a superior obligation suspends the force of an inferior one.

Roger L'estrange

“Obviously it's above average, or even superior.”

Peter Walker

In all teaching there must be a fusion of authority as an adult providing a stable framework for the children in one's care, and humility as another human being ready to educate an equal who may turn out to be a superior.

Yehudi Menuhin

The superior man limits his achievements.


The idea that anyone would think their religious ideas make them morally superior is just preposterous.

David O. Russell

Mothering has been the richest experience of my life, but I am still opposed to Mother's Day. It perpetuates the dangerous idea that all parents are somehow superior to non-parents.

Anne Lamott

I was not addicted to stealing in my youth, nor have ever been; yet such was the confidence of the Negroes in the neighborhood, even at this early period of my life, in my superior judgment, that they would often carry me with them when they were going on any roguery, to plan for them.

Nat Turner