Supply Related Quotes

“Zinc is a base metal. And it is an internationally traded commodity and its supply source is not limited to small areas. This falls outside the definition of metals for stockpiles.”

Koichi Fukushima

“Overall, we expect supply/demand balances to remain tight in 2006 with prices continuing to track above the long-term trend.”

Paul Skinner

“He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation”

James A. Garfield

“There's an enormous supply of funds awaiting employment in equities.”

William Hummer

“Global demand is stronger than the existing supply.”

Lee Edwards

“We expect the Fed to focus on the risks to higher inflation caused by higher energy prices, supply-chain disruptions and the strain on resources resulting from the massive rescue, relief and rebuilding effort now underway.”

Colin Lundgren

“If we're going to have more supply available both for in-stream and out-of-stream uses, it's going to require those tools. It's not going to be massive new storage projects.”

Rob Masonis

“We've got to get a vaccine supply that we can count on. We've got to get more and better antiviral drugs. And we've got to have every single link in our public health system as strong as it can be so we can detect this problem and do the things at the local community level that we need to do to save lives.”

Dr. Julie Gerberding

“This is, at root, a problem of demand outstripping supply,”

Gordon Brown

“Our supply constraints also resulted in the company's inability to replenish the channel towards the end of the quarter. Compared to the end of 2004, we ended the year with significantly fewer weeks of inventory in the channel in the U.S.”

Patrick Lo