Supreme Related Quotes

To suppose more than one supreme Source of infinite wisdom, power, and all perfections, is to assert that there is no supreme Being in existence.

Adam Clarke

You're serving. You're not a servant. Serving is a supreme art. God is the first servant. God serves men but he's not a servant to men. - Eliseo Orefice

Roberto Benigni

An intellectual inferiority of the masses would manifest itself most evidently in their aiming at the abolition of the system in which they themselves are supreme and are served by the elite of the most talented men.

Ludwig Von Mises

“The real tragedy is the tragedy of the man who never in his life braces himself for his one supreme effort, who never stretches to his full capacity, never stands up to his full stature”

Arnold Bennett

“We are willing to see what the courts have to say. I want the Supreme Court to look at this case and make a judicial decision so others won't have to go through what we went through.”

Gary Mace

Although a man may have no jurisdiction over the fact of his existence, he can hold supreme command over the meaning of existence for him.

Norman Cousins

The one supreme business of life is to find God's plan for your life and live it

E. Stanley Jones

There is a supreme power and ruling force which pervades and rules the boundless universe. You are a part of this power

Prentice Mulford

Means to be means must always be within our reach, and so ahimsa is our supreme duty.

Mahatma Gandhi

Harriet Miers isn't qualified to play a Supreme Court justice on The West Wing , let alone to be a real one.

Ann Coulter