Sure Related Quotes

“We're not sure what the state is going to do, they can meet back in the legislative session in the winter and pass mandates that we have to be able to absorb, its going to take a little time to accomplish what we want here”

Ken Parker

“They were pretty open with me. These folks came in sure that because they are poor and black, they would be treated as second-class citizens. And they've had their eyes opened, ... They now tell me they can't believe how nice everyone treats them – even the police. They're saying they now want to stay in Texas.”

David Moore

“There were a few bad breaks, sure, but that's not why we lost. We lost because we weren't doing the little things you need to do to win.”

Pat Quinn

if there is a god, he sure hates people

Kurt Vonnegut

Do I wish I could retire? Sure, but that's not life.

Carnie Wilson

“He was about 90 percent sure, and I said those are numbers I want to hear.”

Wes Walz

“I am not quite sure of that. It is difficult to compare different historical situations.”

Matti Vanhanen

“I'm not too sure what to expect. But I do think we'll get a lot of benefits.”

Paul Shryock

It is sure to be dark if you shut your eyes.

Martin Farquhar Tupper

“It's nice, for sure, to pitch with a four-run lead in the first and an eight-run lead in the second, ... It gives you more room for error.”

Roy Oswalt