Surprise Related Quotes

“In certain occasions, they have been able to show how to use surprise -- elements of surprise, mobility and fire power.”

Clifford Beal

“Mexico was taken by surprise. Nobody anticipated the depth and numbers of the demonstrations. There were many doubts on how to react. . . . It's been difficult for Mexicans to express sympathy and solidarity.”

Sergio Aguayo

“It's part of the buzz of the city among Christians. It wouldn't surprise me that it got to George Bush. He reads, he picks stuff up, he talks to people. And he's pretty serious about his own Christian beliefs.”

Charles W. Colson

Interventions are really emotionally exhausting and I would never ever want to have one. In the same way, I would never want to have a surprise birthday party. That would be horrible.

Margaret Cho

“Nothing he is going to do is going to surprise me. Like a lot of our players, he is starting to believe in himself.”

Clint Hurdle

“The surprise would be if they cut rates by 50 basis points or didn't cut them at all.”

Gwyn Hacche

“The increase in commercial crude (stocks) came as a surprise.”

Naohiro Niimura

“We have 42 active volcanoes in Alaska. It shouldn't be a surprise that two are active at the same time.”

Chris Waythomas

“It is a big surprise, we didn't even know we were nominated.”

Patricia Dunn

“It doesn't surprise me at all that they have samples, ... Clearly they've tested all of my samples since then to the highest degree. But when I gave those samples, there was not EPO in those samples. I guarantee that.”

Lance Armstrong