Surprise Related Quotes

“Those comments didn't surprise me one little bit - some clubs have different agendas,”

Phil Neville

“Considering the fact we have been thin or illiquid in some areas in the market it wouldn't surprise me if there had been some hedge fund selling,”

Kevin Flanagan

“It gets cold. Winters are cold, it's not a surprise. We had such a mild November we'd need it to be 15 to 18 degrees below normal for the rest of the month to get the degree days we had last year, and that's not going to happen.”

Nauman Barakat

“Brazil has been a disaster from the get-go. It's not a surprise they sold it, and it's not a surprise they didn't get much for it.”

David Hartley

“I was disappointed but it's up to him to decide. It was not a surprise that he refused since he had been hesitating for such a long time.”

Sadaharu Oh

“It's definitely a surprise. She's only been there a year, and she has been a major agent of change for the company. Her loss is very real because the lack of her leadership within the financial organization could be a real problem. Boeing is going to have to find someone of equal pro-activity in that area in order to keep up Wall Street's confidence.”

Christopher Mecray

“At the moment, we're not aware of [an investigation], but with the size of the restatement, it would not surprise us.”

Karen Rugen

“The start of it all is something not usually known. It could be commenced by a large avalanche or a small pebble flicked into some water. What causes the ripples? What causes the mess? What causes it to start? What causes it to end? Will it be a violent upheaval or a pleasant surprise? The start begins it entirely and it affects just how all it all will end. Be cautious in choices; be wary of mistakes, for you never know how your own chaotic disarray may dawn.”

Astraea L. Skylar

“It would surprise me if it became a big source (of financing).”

Matthew Simmons

“I know it's the highest that I can remember and that's nine years. It was definitely a pleasant surprise.”

Michael Wright