Surprised Related Quotes

“I was surprised to get to the final this week, so soon after my injury in Melbourne. But my recovery is going to take time. It's not going to come immediately.”

Kim Clijsters

“He came in with lots of baggage. . . . No one would have been surprised had he not been a star. But he dispelled all of that very quickly.”

Jane Harman

“We were surprised how clear-cut this is. The butterflies who are restricted to one or two habitats are particularly under threat.”

Martin Warren

“Everything is possible in this league. Don't be too surprised by anything we do this year. We know how good this team can be.”

Darnell Dockett

“If the PA acts like a pariah, then they can't be surprised if they're being treated like a pariah.”

Mark Regev

“We're not surprised, but we're gratified.”

Jake Mcintyre

“I was surprised to see them do so well, but I don't mean that in a negative way. I'm really happy for them, because they deserve everything they've achieved. I mean, to [pull off an upset] in the NCAA Tournament is one thing, but to do it four times, that's really something special.”

Henry Olawoye

“I'm kind of surprised nobody got seriously injured.”

George Franco

“I'm not surprised he's in the final as he's a good grass court player,”

Roger Federer

“We tried many ways to attack and we were very surprised by Kenny Miller, who played very well. Our defence tried to stop him in any way possible.”

Marcello Lippi