Suspect Related Quotes

“We are overjoyed. It says what we have known all along -- that he is no longer a suspect in the bombing.”

Jack Martin

“I suspect that we go to the floor as it is, and those who disagree with the bill, specifically the Democrats who voted against it in committee, would have an opportunity to introduce amendments,”

Chuck Hagel

“There is reason to suspect an LeT hand behind this. The damage caused by the blasts shows the bombs were powerful and they could not have been engineered by local groups.”

Yashpal Singh

“Of the almost 1,500, we suspect there's a 'nugget' who are truly missing ? washed out into the Gulf. Then there's a small subset that honestly don't want to be found. How do we know when we're done? How long do you keep looking? What do you do when you've done all the DNA testing you can, when you've called everyone and you still can't find the person?”

Henry Yennie

“A single resident that lives at this address answered the door. A male suspect who knocked on the door was asking him about a job, ... at some point, the suspect pulled out a gun and shot the victim in the face.”

Mike Hill

“The suspect became angry and began cutting the victim. It appears that she sustained a wound to the top of her head and on her left arm while the victim was attempting to defend himself. She was taken to the hospital, treated and released.”

Capt. Lenzie Stewart

“The Freudian view that accomplished women are sexually men, or trying to be, has done more, I suspect, than any other misconception to doom women to fear of accomplishment and selfhood.”

Carolyn Heilbrun

“If documentary evidence in deaths involving police action is withheld, the public will be invited to suspect that the government is covering up for itself.”

Chris Powell

“But we suspect there are many more staying in the local community who haven't needed us for one reason or another.”

Christine Parker

“We're not calling anyone a suspect. At this time, the Richmond Police Department has not identified a suspect, but we have several persons of interest. We've interviewed several people extensively.”

Cynthia Price