Swimming Related Quotes

“[There are no fish swimming in Lakeview, and no bayou alligators, he said. The water bubbles with natural gas from broken mains and carries the detritus of a neighborhood to and fro. One neighbor refused to evacuate, and Hunter hasn't seen him. Still, he added, he hasn't found any corpses. At the Basin bar,] we'd sit there and solve all the world's problems, but with this, I just don't know where to begin, ... I don't know if this city will ever come back.”

David Hunter

“We are not to comprehend;the secret of roses, but maybeswimming in the incantation of roses.Or may be looking forthe song of truthbetween the morning glory,and the century.”

Sohrab Sepehri

“He's a very experienced swimmer. He's been swimming for years, so he is really strong and was able to step in and bring that relay to the next level. ... For a kid to come in midseason with less workout time than anyone else and get fifth in the backstroke is amazing.”

Lisa Corbett

“This is one of the cleanest swimming holes in Linn County.”

James Long

“I think they're just enjoying swimming. I don't think they're too worried about [the league title]. They're just looking to have good races and keep progressing.”

David Levy

“While Zach was swimming a little bit in the spring, he has just played very, very consistently (since).”

Dirk Koetter

“Swimming has changed drastically for Clay over the years. My hopes for Sarah are that she continues to have the spirit that she has. She's unbelievable. She's not one who is 'all about me.' She's very team-oriented and she's not cocky whatsoever. That makes me really proud.”

Janie Vandish

“That's when I started to take swimming more seriously.”

Peter Millspaugh

“There is room for an Olympic-size swimming pool between the current library parking lot and the parking lot for Metro.”

Ray Anderson

“I'm very uncoordinated, so swimming is really the only sport that I can compete in,”

David Peterson