System Related Quotes

“To reduce false positives, we need to understand our system.”

Yan Noblot

“I think, generally, it's great news for us as a school system. All of the credit goes to our classroom teachers.”

Clayton Wilcox

“You want to have a system where players are interchangeable. When you go through a number of injuries like we did, there are a fair amount of positives that can come out of it. Generally, we've played a lot of people … and it has worked because people understand what we wanted.”

Greg Puhalski

“There is a level of stock in the system and one other thing to consider is that we're a net food exporter.”

Steve Anderson

“What we've really got to do is take this one-off opportunity to put some incentive in the tax system for all taxpayers and to give tax relief to those middle-income earners left behind in the last couple of budgets.”

Wayne Swan

“We are on a constant, patch on patch system that you have to keep working on to keep it up. We will get through it. We will just have more potholes next year.”

David Robertson

“We need to build a supply system to cope with the demand.”

Sadayuki Sakakibara

“These proposals for the national park system are unconscionable. It's hard to believe anyone could even contemplate drafting something this extreme.”

Craig Obey

“If you have a virus on the system that's generating results, you have to shut down the servers. You have to shut down the competition, and the international federation is going to be really upset.”

Yan Noblot

We need to have a tax system that rewards work and not just financial transactions.

Hillary Clinton