System Related Quotes

I am not bigoted enough for a system-and not even for my system.

Friedrich Nietzsche

“We have a system, but guys aren't playing together and aren't all on the same page. We start playing when we're down two or three goals and you can't do that. That comes from not preparing mentally to play the game.”

Mario Lemieux

“It's not really hard to learn. It's just different from the touch-screen system we had before.”

Frances Pratt

“We're so overburdened with all the bullshit in the system.”

Carol Bartz

Harmonics are the cancer of the electrical system.

Steven Magee

“Yu's physical and psychological state demonstrates the full atrocity of the Chinese prison system, which destroys lives to gag dissident voices.”

Reporters Without Borders

“We joined up under the buddy system, but we were only together for a few weeks,”

Ken Beck

“I just think we have a good feel for their system, ... He's a good, young quarterback. But any quarterback can get rattled. I can't say he got rattled. But we have a good feel for their system.”

Rod Coleman

“This activity has an MHSA-approved scoring system very similar to track and field. Just getting a seat on a varsity trip is a big accomplishment in our program. To be selected on the state team is a big deal. These kids are the best and brightest.”

Greg Adkins

“There are absolutely no price pressures in our system.”

Delos Smith