Tailor Related Quotes

“He looks very strong, very fast. We're optimistic he can have a big year. We don't tailor our offense to one person. We try to strike at different areas. Is (Hood) going to get the ball? Yes. But so are three or four other people.”

Dave Kelly

“The way the legislative districts are drawn, representatives handpick their voters and have tailor-made districts.”

Mike Mccabe

“States can tailor an approach based on their own data.”

Charles Curie

“Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.”

Alec Guinness

“We tailor the drinks for the customer.”

Danny Strickland

“If you can tailor your products to the customers, if you are designing products that customers want and you are providing customer value to them, they are going to remain customers ? even if you have to bargain with them a little bit.”

Christine Wilson

“Don’t give your measure to anyone but your tailor.”

Vikrant Parsai

“If some of the capabilities can be provided by the host nation, or are not required, then we can tailor our force and mission requirements around that.”

Rear Admiral Marc Purcell

“We tailor finishes to people's personalities.”

Carol Mcneely