Tailored Related Quotes

“Our quotes are tailored to meet your needs, and we offer very competitive rates.”

Kishan S Chauhan

“We are seeing more targeted attacks that profile a specific group with tailored scams designed to inflict great harm.”

James Brooks

“We tailored the fiber orientation to specific loading conditions. GLARE looks like a metal but behaves like a composite.”

Serge Rabois

“We are focused on building products that are very tailored to the Chinese market and tapping into the tremendous engineering pool that China has.”

Daniel Alegre

“I think the key is that people won't use a single device, but a series of more specialized devices tailored to specific needs.”

Dave Murphy

“Go with the policy that can be best tailored to fit your business' needs.”

Chris Lee

“With our Windows Vista product line, we've streamlined and tailored our product line-up to provide what our customers want for today's computing needs.”

Mike Sievert

“We tailored a program to meet his goal which was skiing. It's amazing that he is out skiing already.”

Michelle Thomas

“It's still tailored but it's softer so it's like wearing a sweater more so than a structured coat. So you throw it on with a pair of jeans to go out for the night or you wear it to work if you want to wear a shirt and tie or a nice pair of pants and a polo shirt.”

Dennis Versecki