Taken Related Quotes

“Now I can pretty much be me. It's just a lot of stress taken off, I feel relieved.”

Xavier Perkins

I've always taken men just as I found 'em, and thank heavens I've been able to find 'em.

Mae West

All my first dates are interrupted by my fame because every picture taken is a fan that you can gain.


“I know Chicago's got a lot riding on this game, but I've always taken the position that at the end of the season, it's not our responsibility to take care of other peoples' destiny. I've got to get my team ready for the playoffs. I've got to rest certain guys, I've got to get other guys time and at the same time, still make it a game.”

Pat Riley

“The tricky thing about rumination is that it feels like it's helpful, but there's no action taken, and you don't move forward to some sort of solution.”

Carla Grayson

I've never taken the steps to be 'successful': I've never had a manager or signed to a publishing house.

J. Tillman

“It's a skill that I worked all my life, and it's been taken away. That's kind of tough to take.”

Martin Brodeur

“I know I've taken a lot from it as captain, ... Even when you're losing, it still toughens you up. You learn how to cope with different and difficult situations and we've done well to keep our spirits high. These guys have worked hard. They've had a chance to watch good players every week and learn from them. Take our game against Warwickshire last week. It wasn't enjoyable to watch Nick Knight build up an innings against us but the likes of Omer Hussain and Qasim Sheikh got a lesson in how to go about that. We've a lot of good young players coming through. We've taken this experience and learned from it and now we have to put it into practice in the future.”

Craig Wright

“Stocks are doing better; that has taken a little bit of froth out of the (bond) market.”

Don Galante

“She has taken as many as 12 steps before crashing.”

Adam Everett