Taken Related Quotes

“We haven't taken any precautions because in recent times, when there's a storm, it usually veers away at the last minute.”

Andre Miller

“It's taken a season. Rushing with a guy like Jason ... you know he's kind of unpredictable in his rush because he's going to take what the offense gives him. He's going to force the issue, but if he sees he can beat (the offensive lineman) inside, he's going to beat him inside.”

Vonnie Holliday

“Shaun has taken a knock and it looks to me as though he may be doubtful for the first match,”

Kevin Keegan

Whatever the lady does is wrong. I do not know of a single right decision taken by her.

Edward Heath

I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.

Fred Allen

“We continue to aggressively restructure the operations of our core holdings and have taken several key steps to improve the prospects of these businesses.”

David Wetherell

I think that an act of love is immortal; once tendered, it can never really be taken back.

Lawrence Fagg

“You really never know. They've taken a lot of good shots. I really don't think they're tired. We've got guys that can make shots. With good shooters, things will average themselves out.”

Matt Painter

“My opinion was that he should have probably taken his senior season off. And it probably set him back five or six months of baseball. That's the only thing: I'd like to have seen him stay right on schedule with the baseball part. But he's such a competitor, and you couldn't tell him no.”

Jack Leggett

“We've taken a broad and well-publicized global event and turned it on its ear.”

Fred Goldberg