Takes Related Quotes

“We're prepared . . . for however long it takes.”

Janie Jamieson

It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken.

Frank Perdue

“It takes a truly cool girl to pull off short-shorts and rain boots.”

Peter Som

“As artists, the pleasure is to really have your work resonate and mean something. Art takes its inspiration from reality.”

Yareli Arizmendi

“It's a fine motion picture up to the point where God finishes and the script writer takes over.”

Will Rogers

No communication takes place until the other person feels heard

Garrison Wynn

“It just takes two or three pinches of bone powder to find molecular evidence. We have protein sequences from material believed to be in range of half a million years old. We are carefully working our way back in time.”

Peggy Ostrom

“Some guys don't accept their role. He took his role and takes off, knowing the better he plays and the harder he works the more time he'll get. That's how it works.”

Riley Wallace

Anyone can drink beer, but it takes intelligence to enjoy beer.

Stephen Beaumont

A leader takes people where they would never go on their own.

Hans Finzel