Talk Related Quotes

“We talk to personnel managers and they express frustration.”

Carl Linden

“When we talk about loving your enemy here, it means something. And we're not sure that you can do that.”

Dallas Willard

“Don’t just talk about it, go out there and do it. Don’t just meditate about it, go out there and create it. Don’t just pray about it go out there and take action; participate in the answering of your own prayer. Get out there and live it.”

Steve Maraboli

“You cannot meet Johnny Penry, you cannot talk to him, without coming to the sense he's mentally impaired. He doesn't understand consequences.”

Michael Charlton

“[·   Listener. While it's important to be an active listener,] keep in mind that people tend to talk about what doesn't feel OK. They don't talk about relationships that are going well, ... So in many instances, just hearing someone vent and not taking it too seriously is the way to go, unless your spouse asks for your honest reaction or ideas.”

David Gage

“Talk in a normal voice. Terrorists are suspicious of whispering.”

Stanley Klein

“I can't talk about the confidence [my teammates] have in me -- I think that's something you'll have to ask them. But now, I feel confident going out to the mound and what those guys are doing for me. They're scoring runs for me, and they're making my job a lot easier.”

Wandy Rodriguez

“We talk about it sometimes. We don't push him. He just likes riding.”

Wayne Weakley

“We can talk about there may need to be more regulation but please understand there are some restrictions on the use of that money,”

Dale Williams

“He's a good receiver. He talked the talk and he backed it up. All you can do is respect that. A lot of his trash talk is for entertainment and the media portrays it for something worse than it really is. He's really not a bad guy and out on the field, he's just out there having fun.”

Charles Tillman