Talk Related Quotes

“We cannot talk about having relationship with God if sin is still ruling over our life”

Sunday Adelaja

“There's a lot of market talk about whether we're going to hit the psychological 65 dollars a barrel mark or even 70 dollars in the near future. I think it will depend on how the geopolitical problems are played out.”

Victor Shum

“We had a lot of good looks in transition. We have a lot of outstanding shooters. We always talk about ball movement and sharing the ball.”

Kermit Carolina

“Jeff doesn't like that word, and I don't like it either. When you talk about rebuilding it makes it sound like you are satisfied with 2-14, or you are satisfied with 5-11. People don't think anything of you if you look at it that way. But we don't look at it as rebuilding. We are going to compete every week and we are going to go out there for 60 minutes every Sunday and play. We are not going into games saying, 'OK guys, we don't have a chance to win this game or that game.' We have a challenge ahead of us that we have to pursue and conquer.”

Steve Mcnair

“We try to differ in our approach to the issue. Instead of the 'I talk, you listen' scenario, we introduce international practices that allow both young participants and their trainers to be actively engaged in activities, such as role-plays, games, dramas and discussions.”

Pan Guiyu

“There are things we can appreciate and things which we need to talk about.”

Ross Bannister

“I am not concerned with making esoteric, obscure kinds of films. These are films that can share and talk to anybody about real things.”

Mike Leigh

“The time has gone by for colored people to talk of patriotism: . . . He used to be proud that his grandfather, on his mother's side, fought for liberty in the Revolutionary War. But that time had passed by.”

Charles Lenox Remond

“I was walking around for a week or so trying to remember not to talk about it. And, you know, keeping good news to yourself isn't always easy.”

Charles Stross

“Sometimes they just want someone to talk to.”

Deputy Barry Bonazzi