Tanks Related Quotes

Guns and tanks and planes are nothing unless there is a solid spirit, a solid heart, and great productiveness behind it.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

“Saltwater tanks aren't harder to create than freshwater tanks. They are just a heck of a lot less forgiving. You can't neglect a saltwater aquarium like you can fresh.”

Glen Wentworth

The irony of sensory deprivation tanks is that in order to think outside the box, you must first go inside one.

Ryan Lilly

.....they had burnt and destroyed around 30 vehicles, including tanks and APC's and damaged three enemy helicopters. God bless the fighters of the Arab Socialist Ba'th Party.

Mohammed Saeed Al-sahaf

There's nothing magic about spending on tanks and bombs rather than roads and bridges.

Paul Krugman

The Heart is like a fuel tank, that you always have to keep filling up with Imaan

Nouman Ali Khan

Over the past 30 years, hand grenades, tanks, fighter jets, missiles, helicopters and assault rifles have replaced traditional floral patterns in rug making and other textiles. Depicting these realities of war has helped the Afghan people to survive during times of conflict.

Henri Cole

“This was a concealed explosive device that was left on piles of LPG tanks. This was purely to sow terror.”

Raymundo Ferrer

“We are not filling up tanks all the way.”

Steve Golden

I will say A Pea in the Pod saved my life - at the end of my pregnancy. I even wear their tanks now to work out in because they're really long.

Kim Kardashian