Taxpayers Related Quotes

“It's too bad that the taxpayers have to bear the brunt of additional bills,”

Alan White

“Why should we pay if we're not culpable of anything? They're trying to hold the taxpayers responsible, and based on the media reports I've seen, there has been no link.”

Councilman Dennis Zine

“Taxpayers who want to save IHT and who have children under 18 should seriously consider setting up suitable trusts before April 6, 2006.”

Charles Hutton

“The taxpayers are not adequately represented in this thing.”

Dick Lamm

“The processing [of the returns] hasn't changed that much, but you are seeing an increase in the number of taxpayers who are getting refunds.”

Don Roberts

“They repealed the pay raise but they didn't repeal the indelible mark it left on the taxpayers from the four months it was open, and we found out how our government works in Harrisburg.”

Russ Diamond

“More and more taxpayers are using e-file and last year we saw more Michigan taxpayers file electronically than file by paper. It's fast, secure and easy.”

Luis Garcia

“It does raise some questions as to who benefits from these projects. Is it the taxpayers of St. Pete in general or 'condominium row'?”

Darryl Paulson

“It's a shame millions of dollars of taxpayers' money was spent to sit there and rot. The state really needs to do something about it.”

Commissioner Michael Diterlizzi

“This guidance helps make sure that adequate management controls are in place to ensure that taxpayers' dollars are spent efficiently and responsibly.”

David H. Safavian