Taxpayers Related Quotes

“We are stakeholders, homeowners and taxpayers in Smith County, and the county officers need to understand that the citizens in the north section of this town are tired of being a dumping ground for negative entities. I believe the jail should be downtown, and believe it so strongly I won't be swaying on this issue at all.”

Larry Everett

“City taxpayers and downtown office workers are incensed when told of free parking for Manpower executives. The city leaders who thought this TIF up are out-of-touch with their constituents.”

Craig Peterson

“Taxpayers are on the hook for that.”

Carl Tannenbaum

“What it means is that the president decided to engage our brains rather than open the taxpayers' wallets immediately, and what he wants to do is to conduct a quick, prompt review, ... FOX News Sunday.”

Donald Rumsfeld

“20,000 great residents, 6,700 taxpayers, and nearly as many volunteers.”

Howard Miller

“One of the reasons why we chose the VITA sites is because most of the taxpayers were eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit,”

Michael Stegman

“It is an enormous expense, and it's all paid for by the taxpayers. There is a real need for change.”

David Grubb

“I know they're frustrated. I know they're tired. So are taxpayers,”

Rick Perry

“We are citizens we are taxpayers. Do something.”

Ernestine Wise

“'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' places an unnecessary burden on American taxpayers by asking them to fund a discriminatory law that hurts military readiness. The choice is clear: spend $364 million on firing patriotic Americans or spend the same amount on three dozen Blackhawk helicopters, 4,000 sidewinder missiles, or enough body armor vests to outfit the entire American fighting force in Iraq. Our priority should always be defense and national security. Congress should repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' immediately and fund real priorities in the war on terror.”

C. Dixon Osburn