Teammates Related Quotes

A lot of players have told me they see me as a protector of my teammates, that, side by side, I'm there when something goes down, and I step up beside them and for them when things get nasty. I play the game hard, and I play it physical.

Ndamukong Suh

“He's one of those guys who, when he speaks, they [teammates] listen.”

George Reed

The key to the fast break is every one running hard for their teammates.

Paul Westhead

“My three teammates have really helped me, and I thank them for that. It's an unbelievable feeling to have this after winning the Indy 500 because that means so much to me. You think you're asking for too much for a championship. It's taken all the energy out of me.”

Dan Wheldon

“I think he likes his teammates. I think his teammates look for him inside and they feel it's important to keep him in the game.”

Eric Musselman

“He's a teammate. You're supportive of your teammates.”

David Newhan

People have to understand what my game is. It's not all about numbers. There's a bigger picture here. I don't create off the dribble. I rely on my teammates; my role is to set screens and get rebounds.

Rebecca Lobo

“When you play with a lead you have to be patient and involve your teammates. I saw a conscious effort on the part of everyone to make the extra pass.”

Wendell Jeffries

“He's got a good feel now about seeing the floor and knowing where his teammates are. And he's got a lot more confidence in his teammates. He knows it's bad basketball to try to go one-on-three.”

Eddie Jordan

To be successful, you have to expose yourself to different situations-different styles of play, different teammates, different coaching.

Sue Bird