Teammates Related Quotes

“His teammates did not rally around him. At all. They were frustrated, angry, and somewhat sympathetic because they knew what he was going through not only in his professional life but private life.”

Ron Rothstein

“I've been trying to be more aggressive. My teammates are telling me they're going to get me the ball if I stay aggressive and post up, and I'm getting more and more comfortable with it.”

Christian Maraker

I can't stand it when a player whines to me or his teammates or his wife or the writers or anyone else. A whiner is almost always wrong. A winner never whines.

Paul Brown

“[But if that were to happen,] my teammates would not enjoy playing with me, ... They would think I am a selfish player, and I would rather not have them think of me that way.”

Chauncey Billups

“It was great for me to come back. It wasn't a tough (decision) at all. My teammates are so great, I enjoy being around them.”

Cappie Pondexter

“It gets frustrating but you got to keep your teammates up.”

Dannielle Emerson

I love my teammates, and I'll do anything for them.

Pedro Martinez

“I'm so proud of my teammates. Isaiah Thomas is a great player and nobody is going to stop him, but that wasn't our goal. We wanted the win, and we got it.”

Venoy Overton

“Arthur Hamlin was running ball around the end. One of my teammates tripped. He was trying to keep from falling, but I thought he was grabbing at Arthur. I knocked him up in the air and he landed on his head. I was saying, 'Yeah I got you.' When he rolled over, I said, 'Oh my God! I blocked my own man.' It was so muddy, you couldn't tell.”

Claude Hunter

“The first half I was looking for my teammates more than my shot, and in the third quarter I just decided to be more aggressive offensively.”

Dwyane Wade