Teams Related Quotes

The thing we found out was, when you get to a Super Bowl, both teams are treated the same, talked about in glowing terms. But when the game is over, only the team that won matters.

Don Shula

“Playing meaningful games every night in September makes it fun. I follow what the other teams are doing. I watch every game now. I even went out and got the (satellite TV) package.”

C.c. Sabathia

“You saw the difference of the physicality of the two teams.”

Dan Martin

“The Big Ten is so competitive. You don't know where certain teams are going to be two weeks down the road. We are just going to try and clean up our game and take it one game at a time.”

Rob Smith

Guys care about sports teams. I'm not talking about simply rooting; I'm talking about a relationship that guys develop, a commitment to a sport team that guys take way more seriously than, for example, wedding vows.

Dave Barry

“We weren't selecting an offensive coach or a defensive coach or a kicking teams coach for that matter. We were selecting the best head coach, the man who was going to direct it and put it all together.”

Marv Levy

“If we are going to get five in our conference, we need to have five teams being dominant. If it's a case of everybody knocking each other off it's going to hurt the number of teams we are getting in.”

Lute Olson

It would be very easy to drool with sentimentality over the Ryder Cup. But, at the end of the day, it is simply two teams trying to knock seven bells out of each other, in the nicest possible way.

Peter Alliss

“Some teams assemble machines built by corporations but our kids do their own. That means we go up against programmers from big companies but this way they get more out of it.”

Chuck Gosdzinski

“I don't know too much about a lot of the teams, but I think that we can go deep.”

Lana Tomlin