Teams Related Quotes

“When two defensive teams get together it's going to be maybe not the most exciting, high-scoring game, but when it comes down to 5 minutes left in the third period, there's a chance for anybody to win the game.”

Ryan Carter

“It was just a war the entire game…two teams battling, one big knockout punch after another. I give them credit. They took it strong against us all night long.”

Dale Mabrey

“They did the things that good teams do to win. They did what good teams do to win in the Southeastern Conference. They rebounded the basketball and defended. They did an exceptional job of doing those things and we didn't. And that's the ballgame.”

Carol Ross

“I start getting suspicious when a whole bunch of teams wise up all at once.”

Doug Pappas

“They've already beaten two of the best teams in that region. They probably can't get any more confident than they are right now.”

George Quarles

“It's tough to concentrate on other teams when you're struggling in your own conference. When they beat Texas, we knew they were a good team.”

Gerry Mcnamara

“There is a little separation between those three teams and the rest of us. But on any given night, the rest of us can beat one of them.”

Warren Lawrence

“We're gonna be more aggressive with expansion, but it makes good sense not to have too many teams. I think history is going to prove itself here - the smaller, tighter controlled leagues are the ones that last and that people want to be in. We've built some great rivalries and we have a chance to build more.”

Dakota Crow

“Personally I think it’s a bunch of crap. All that’s doing is making the teams spend millions of dollars to convert and those guys in the shop are going to make that car go just as fast in a couple of years as it’s going today. So we’re going through this exercise and the car of tomorrow is just making everything we own today the car of yesterday and two years from now we’re going to be right where we are today. NASCAR has to do what they think is right, but I don’t agree with them. That’s just my personal opinion.”

Felix Sabates

“We want to come out of the doors and really set the tone early in the game. Let the teams know what we're made of here.”

Simon Ferguson