Teams Related Quotes

“I think the conference is as strong, if not stronger, than last year. Could an argument [for five NCAA teams] be made today? I think so.”

Mark Trakh

“It was a lake, ... Instead of quicksand, it was quick mud. But the conditions were the same for both teams. I figure football is played in all kinds of weather. The first time I've ever heard of any cancellation of football games was in recent years.”

Eric Knight

Most phenomenal startup teams create businesses that ultimately fail. Why? They built something that nobody wanted.

Eric Ries

“Coach Martin had an excellent game-plan. His players were getting double-teams and traps. We didn't handle it very well. Despite that, we're (only) down seven at the half.”

Steve Mohr

“It was a case of all of our shots going in, and none of (theirs) did. Both teams got good looks.”

Dean Cook

“When we're passing, we scramble. If we don't pass well, we're going to lose to teams like Towson. Offensively, we're better than them but they don't make as many mistakes as we do.”

Kerry Carr

“To do something like that to Neenah, who has scored more that 80 points on some teams, makes you feel pretty good. As a team we wanted to key in on their shooters and we really wanted to keep the lane jammed so we could get rebounds.”

Andy Polka

“There are no similarities between the two teams because they are very good offensively, and we've struggled with our youth and our inability to make shots.”

Chris Lowery

“We have been playing good teams. Our district is competitive. Things can turn around for you, but they may not.”

Cleve Ryan

“Of course 2-2 would be a good result for both teams,”

Freddie Ljungberg