Technicalities Related Quotes

“On matters of intonation and technicalities I am more than a martinet - I am a martinetissimo.”

Leopold Stokowski

“We're playing with technicalities, and the intent of what we tried to do is not there.”

Denise Layne

“I don?t know about the technicalities involved in raising the height of the dam. What I do know is that farmers have been displaced from their land and they have lost their livelihood. Till the people who have already been displaced by the dam are not rehabilitated, the height of the dam should not be raised.”

Aamir Khan

“There are some people who believe that things like presumption of innocence are kind of legal technicalities and aren't really important.”

Dan Webb

“starting to undermine the prosecutor by implying that he's only going to be able to indict on technicalities.”

Melanie Sloan

“We shouldn't have to be burdened with all the technicalities that come up from time to time with shrewd, smart lawyers interpreting what the laws or what the Constitution may or may not say.”

Dan Quayle