Technique Related Quotes

The value of music is not dazzling yourself and others with technique.

Herbie Hancock

Procurement is a major technique of state subsidy.

Noam Chomsky

In order to arrive at a personal style, you have to have a technique to begin with.

Philip Glass

I have been 'diving within' through the Transcendental Meditation technique for over 30 years. It has changed my life, my world. I am not alone. Millions of other people of all ages, religions, and walks of life practice the technique and enjoy incredible benefits.

David Lynch

“Bush used a version of the same technique: 'I heard somebody say, well, maybe so-and-so is not patriotic because they disagree with my position. I totally reject that thought.' Somebody? So-and-so? Who could he be referring to?”

Howard Kurtz

“The mistakes were basically technique-wise - moving my feet and using my eyes to look for keys. Every game is a learning experience, and I'll get better as the games go on. The next game, I won't make the same mistakes.”

Chevis Jackson

Cooking is about presenting flavors and other aspects of food in a way that makes best use of them and makes an engaging, satisfying meal. Taste necessarily comes into it along with technique. Some ingredients require cooking, cleaning or otherwise denaturing them, some are fine as they are.

Steve Albini

“With this technique, we can detect the very, very early stages of organ rejection in a non-invasive way.”

Chien Ho

I've had a number of opportunities to hear Andrei Ryabov perform and I am amazed at the high level of creativity, technique and freshness in his playing.

Gene Bertoncini

Oil-painting is a developed technique. Why go backwards?

Edvard Munch