Technology Related Quotes

?The sports television production industry has never before been served in its own conference, and our Sports Media and Technology Conference at C4-Sports will provide professionals in this field with an education geared entirely to their work. Today's sports production facilities face new challenges presented by the push for high-quality HD media, as well as the rapidly growing demand for sports content on new platforms ranging from HD DVD to cell phones and other mobile devices. Our conference is dedicated to educating facility managers and engineers, as well as actual content creators, editors, and motion graphic designers, on these types of issues.?

Ben Kozuch

“Many of the leading technology companies have shown solid sales and earnings growth since the economy began to improve in late 2001. While technology earnings have continued to grow and the stocks have remained flat or even dropped, we believe the prices of many of these companies are more attractive than we have seen in a long time.”

Edward Jones

“Cisco views IP as the future for all communications systems, ... Cisco IPICS technology has the potential to deliver a platform to provide an inexpensive solution for pervasive radio interoperability that helps organizations dynamically manage the flow of all types of information.”

Charles Giancarlo

“There is going to be testing and commercialization of technology that focuses on clean energy.”

Angela Griffin

“We want to offer all kinds of technology. I'm trying to tell the team, the Nissan team, don't make the choice for the consumer. Let them choose between the palette of technologies we can offer.”

Carlos Ghosn

?By working together with IBM on standards-based technology, we have shown that it is possible to link Unified Communications with desktop applications to help users connect with co-workers more efficiently. The federated presence capability in Cisco Unified Presence Server will ultimately help to drive enhanced communications and productivity within the enterprise.?

Barry O'sullivan

“Whereas knights of old wore armor of plate, the modern knights of the air wear the invisible but magic armor of confidence in technology”

Mike Spick

“It's about a mix of what technology you can bring to it and the whole experience of the customer in the business. The bottom line is still that the customer should be at the center of everything you do.”

Christian Robinson

“AJAX is not a new technology, but a combination of existing technologies that is designed to make it easier for developers to create Web applications.”

Dan Roberts

“It's a very good question. The whole process has definitely gotten more political over the years. The technology used in this standard is the future of wireless (local area networks). It's very important for companies involved to get their market positioning up-front and establish themselves as players as soon as possible.”

Craig Mathias