Ted Related Quotes

I hated going to school, mainly because my sister would drive me and she would put her make-up on while she drove. That's dangerous. That should be illegal.

Jackson Rathbone

It is the '94 race which in many ways allowed Ted Kennedy to become his own man rather than the 'third brother.' He had to reach down and win it on his own.

Chuck Todd

That Ted Turner is a genius...He has taken what used to be a carnival side show and turned it into a gold mine. Yes - wrestling has become prime time for the masses. He's making these giant men into millionares with movie star status.

Samantha Barks

Only one thing can stop Luis Suarez from being voted as the Players' Player of the Year... his fellow players

Jamie Redknapp

I haven't always voted for the same party, mostly because I find that strange. One thing I've never quite understood is when people say 'I'm a Conservative' or 'I'm Labour,' before even hearing what the person running stands for or wants to change.

James Corden

I love to work. When I was a kid, I would invite my friends over to play, then I would take them over to a recycling plant and we would haul glass all day. They hated me for this, but I thought it was fun.

James Marsters

In the end, Ted Kennedy was a politician, plain and simple. Yet he embodied how politics and public service can be successfully intertwined. You can't be a good public servant without being a good politician. Kennedy was both.

Chuck Todd

In a radio interview [Ted] Cruz compared [Donald]Trump`s behavior to schoolyard children throwing taunts at each other, vowing not to take part.

Chris Hayes

“Ted wanted this vote to make sure everybody was on board. He had the support of the players on the conference call (Monday), but he thought we should have the vote so that everybody feels comfortable with him.”

Daniel Alfredsson

[Ted Cruz] lies about things that he shouldn't be lying about. He lies about things that don't matter.

Donald Trump