Tempo Related Quotes

“I remember they had fantastic players. They played nine against nine on a half pitch and the tempo was amazing.”

Rafael Benitez

“He handled the tempo, the physicality, the pace of the game up front and got on his guy and moved his guy out of there, ... He did a nice job of tagging in there in the things we ask him to do in the running game.”

Marvin Lewis

“I'd say the biggest difference is that the training under Stuart is more intense, ... If you do fast, high-tempo training every day then it will be reflected on match day. Under Kevin [Keegan], the training was more relaxed, not so intense, and that showed sometimes. Since Stuart has taken over we have moved on.”

Richard Dunne

“They set the tempo. We couldn't get into our transition and the key to us winning is being able to get in our transition. They did a good job of taking that away.”

Calvin Rice

“We worked a lot on his tempo and staying solid at the top, not hinging too much,”

Mike Bender

“We wanted it slow, and they obviously didn't. They got the tempo going their way. When you fall behind by 15 points, it's hard to walk the ball up the court. We had to get out of our game.”

Dan Roiger

“We tried to create a faster tempo in the second half, pushing the ball and making harder cuts in our half-court offense.”

Kevin O'connor

“In the first half, we owned the boards and controlled tempo. In the second half, (Mount Olive) got into transition, took control of the game's momentum and took advantage of their offensive rebounds.”

Dave Springer

“I liked the tempo. I like that helter-skelter stuff.”

Mark Hanks

“It was their tempo for most of the game. We just decided that win or lose, we were going to go down playing man-to-man. We were just trying to create some easy points.”

Randy Taylor