Tempo Related Quotes

“The thing you notice is the intensity of practice. We have a tempo that hasn't been at the University of Tennessee in a long time.”

David Ligon

“To set the tempo, we really wanted to score early and score often.”

Deion Branch

“We kept up a good tempo and are delighted with the clean sheet.”

Phil Bayliss

“We had a good start, our press was effective and we controlled the tempo. But I never felt comfortable pulling our starters. D-C never quit. They kept coming after us.”

Dave Power

“I wanted to up-tempo the game. Everyone says (Bloomfield) is from the city and don't run with a city team. But we're a running, pressing team and I wasn't going to take that away ... our press was really good tonight and it was really causing problems.”

Dennis Fowler

“Coming back from the break, we kept the tempo at a fast pace while we were in Arizona and that's something we want to do. I believe we're going to continue to get better and by the time we get to the playoffs we'll be at another level where we are right now.”

Ron Jones

“There are so many similarities between a startup venture and a political campaign - the rhythm, the tempo, the hours, the intensity.”

Mike Mccurry

“We wanted it slow, and they obviously didn't. They got the tempo going their way. When you fall behind by 15 points, it's hard to walk the ball up the court. We had to get out of our game.”

Dan Roiger

“They're very physical and up-tempo.”

Carey Green

“I'd say the biggest difference is that the training under Stuart is more intense, ... If you do fast, high-tempo training every day then it will be reflected on match day. Under Kevin [Keegan], the training was more relaxed, not so intense, and that showed sometimes. Since Stuart has taken over we have moved on.”

Richard Dunne