Temporary Related Quotes

As individuals, we know that suffering is temporary, and hope is eternal.

George W. Bush

It's really scary when you have a moment of temporary sanity.

Nelson Demille

Good parties create a temporary youthfulness.

Mason Cooley

“The governor has said he is not satisfied with the temporary housing situation as far as getting the trailers out as fast as we possibly can. But there is no one to blame. The governor wants the trailers to be moved as close to the evacuees' property as possible so people can oversee the rebuilding. There is more involved than just getting a trailer to a site and leaving it there.”

Pete Smith

Adversities are temporary. What is permanent is what we become by the way we react to them.

Dallin H. Oaks

Trapped in the bureaucracy nightmare, real families suffer when the big banks and their servicers force foreclosures. The emotional toll on children packing up their rooms and on parents struggling to find a temporary roof is a deep one.

Sheldon Whitehouse

Graffiti's always been a temporary art form. You make your mark and then they scrub it off.


Most so called FAILURES are only temporary defeats"

Napoleon Hill

I've always been attracted to temporary families.

Gus Van Sant

“They are classed as temporary because we don't know the duration of the funding for the long-term care program.”

Frank Myers