Term Related Quotes

“Patients who received double kidney transplants had similar short-term outcomes to patients who received single transplants. We found that we could achieve excellent patient survival and kidney function using marginal kidneys if they are both transplanted into a single recipient.”

Robert Stratta

“Although asthma experts around the world have recognized the effectiveness of inhaled corticosteroids in treating asthma, their long-term effects in children were not clear.”

Claude Lenfant

“The challenge for him in the long term is to slash government spending when the economy picks up.”

Yasushi Okada

“Over the long term, I don't know if there are going to be (mechanical) issues, but at this point, it looks very positive. We're in new territory here.”

Steven Clark

?Expect prices to rise in the short term. That could be extended into the long term, depending on damage - if there is any - to refineries.?

Ben Brockwell

“The Vikings are not looking for a long-term thing.”

Kelby Krabbenhoft

“Looking long term and assuming the LVMH joint venture comes to fruition and actually starts to generate value, then I would perhaps have put a long term valuation on De Beers of $60 a share.”

Charles Kernot

“The long-term object is to build a senior national squad so we are starting at the Under-20 level and moving from there.”

Charles Husbands

“Manuel has brought stability, he has bought long term predictability, he has brought pragmatism to the whole field of the budget and the economy.”

Chris Hart

“I remain very optimistic about our long-term opportunities to grow profitably in the domestic marketplace.”

Jack Greenberg