Therapist Related Quotes

“You don't realize how useful a therapist is until you see yourself one and discover you have more problems than you ever dreamed of.”

Claire Danes

If my artist life didn't work or if I needed to work in some capacity part-time in something, I knew I'd have a real life skill [become a therapist].

Kelly Carlin-mccall

Surely a good therapist should produce a Dorian Gray-style portrait from under the couch so the patient can see the person they really are.

Rosamund Lupton

When I was a kid - and I don't know why, it's the most random thing - I wanted to be a speech therapist for little kids. I knew I wanted to do something with kids.

Haylie Duff

If you're ever in a dark place, don't resort to violence. Talk to someone; whether it be a therapist, teacher, parent, or just someone you can trust. We all have our dark places and it's important that you get help.

Gerard Way

It's incredibly liberating to spend an hour talking to someone and not caring about what you sound like. It's about understanding myself. Sometimes I'll speak to my therapist for an hour a day. It's become part of my routine.


“It turned out he had been skeptical and wanted to have them talk in front of a therapist.”

William Doherty

How many times have I been in my therapist's office, saying, "I think I'm smarter than this! I've been down this road! I've learned this lesson!" And she's like, "Yeah, and you're learning it a little bit deeper."

Daphne Zuniga

The place you have to start to be any good at this, at acting, is with yourself. Everything is inside of you, all of it - the murderer, the great mother, the therapist, the husband. Everything is inside of us.

Jane Lynch

Two fairies were sleeping peacefully on his bed. Dinnie was immediately depressed. He knew that he did not have enough money to see a therapist.

Martin Millar