Things Related Quotes

Good things are not necessarily God things.

Craig Groeschel

“You'll be the same year after year except for the people you meet, the books you read, the movies you watch, the places you travel, and the new things you do.”

Lorrin L. Lee

I can imagine many things, but few clearly.

Mason Cooley

Some things you just don't get over.

Marvin Sapp

It is not too late to turn things around.

Sylvia Earle

If you do things well one at a time, you end up in a really good place. Don't get ahead of yourself. Control the things you can.

Ron Johnson

If you smile things will work out.

Serena Williams

Least at thine own things laugh.

George Herbert

“Good things happen when you meet strangers.”

Yo-yo Ma

Do not write if there is no tremendous urge to do so. At the heart, there must be an inspiration or muse or one of those old-fashioned things. Else, why bore yourself, destroy other people's interest and kill trees?

Vikram Seth