Thinks Related Quotes

If you can't hide what you are going to do, do it so everybody thinks you are a fool.

Robert Jordan

Poor Mary Ann! She gave the guy an inch and now he thinks he's a ruler.

Mae West

We live in an age that reads too much to be wise, and that thinks too much to be beautiful.

Oscar Wilde

The man who says what he thinks is finished, and the man who thinks what he says is an idiot.

Rolf Hochhuth

The head thinks. The heart knows.

Rasheed Ogunlaru

But sooner or later the man who wins is the one who thinks he can.

Napoleon Hill

“We have crashed Web sites. All of a sudden the Web site disappears. Well, then the listener thinks that well, maybe Kim got it wrong. Maybe I wrote it down wrong. Maybe I spelled it incorrectly when really, that particular vendor just couldn't handle the traffic that generated from that particular recommendation.”

Kim Komando

Give a member of Congress a junket and a mimeograph machine and he thinks he is secretary of state

Dean Rusk

A knave thinks himself a fool, all the time he is not making a fool of some other person.

William Hazlitt

“We have a disconnect between what the faculty think of as shared governance and what the administration thinks of as shared governance.”

Ken Brown