Third Related Quotes

“In the first and third we were making the shots. There wasn't anything different in the second and fourth. We were getting the same looks, they just weren't going in.”

Scott Wilson

“We have made our views very, very clear in our public statements, through third parties and, in the case of Syria, through direct diplomatic contact to neighbors, particularly of Iran and Syria, about the need to prevent people from coming in from neighboring countries, and that has been an issue that we've raised repeatedly,”

Richard Boucher

“The gains that you saw earlier came after the Third Point filing said they might sell, and people bought into it. The second filing probably worried (investors) a bit, after someone accused them of ignoring a (potential) buyer of the company.”

Dallas Webb

“I caught an inning in spring training. I was their third-string catcher.”

Rob Mackowiak

“Apparel only makes up about one third of the whole industry. The average person comes in contact with about 60 different textiles products everyday.”

Kent Hester

“I moved [to third] because you think about the team, so I'm willing to do whatever is best for the team.”

Nomar Garciaparra

“Most people need an animate or inanimate third party to knock them out of that rut. Most people usually can't see things as clearly as an outsider can see them.”

Cliff Hakim

“That kind of hold is just remarkable by anybody's standards. By the end of the third week, we'll be at the $200 million level. It's one of those kind of dream stories.”

Chuck Viane

“The governor rarely visits Pittsburgh when he doesn't talk to every third person about the arena.”

Kate Philips

“We are disappointed because at the end of the third end the ice changed and we didn't quite get hold of it.”

Ewan Macdonald