Threatening Related Quotes

“Now we have a hurricane heading for the bigger part of the coastal refinery center, threatening to blow a huge hole in products supply.”

Jamal Qureshi

“Firemen can do almost everything. You already trust them in life-threatening situations; why not let them help you with your everyday problems, too?”

David Hunt

“Candles change shape as they melt. If left unattended, the results can be life-threatening. When you leave the room, blow the candle out. And don't use candles as night lights.”

Capt. Paul Mcdonough

“They knew there was a threatening storm coming in, so they went to the secure site, came back out, and the roof was gone.”

Darrell Mackey

“They were picking up bets, dropping off winnings. They also were involved with intimidating people, threatening people.”

Captain David Vice

“The speed of capacity increases in China is somewhat threatening to Korean shipbuilders.”

Song In Ho

“She was just mowing us down. Rick (Breed, assistant coach) was threatening to bunt earlier. In the fifth, we started laying some down.”

Curt Smith

“The voices of a few are threatening to redefine the definition of marriage. The people of Iowa -- not some judge -- should watch over this sacred institution.”

Dan Berry

“It's to a new intensity, escalating into physical fights, getting arrested for sending threatening letters over e-mail. In my day, it was just mean letters. It was unusual to see girls fight in school. Now, I hear it's not unusual at all to see girls fight in schools.”

Cheryl Dellasega

“With another storm threatening the half the Gulf that avoided Katrina, it has traders spooked this morning.”

Peter Beutel