Thrilled Related Quotes

“Absolutely. We can't be more thrilled. It brings in a heck of a lot of consumers that view these job postings and heightens our awareness among employers.”

Richard Castellini

“We thought, let's switch and see what happens. I've always been a public school guy ... but we've been thrilled with the private school experience. The families make it a small community.”

Dave Lee

?We are thrilled that such a great percentage of our team has such a fine academic background. It's great that our student-athletes are so serious about their academic performances.?

Barry Weiner

“He loves the Vikings. He was thrilled when he was traded there. We're working toward getting him back.”

Steve Feldman

“My family and I are thrilled about the move to Paris considering most of my wife's family are still residents of the community.”

Curt Poore

“That was quite a ride. We'd be thrilled to repeat it.”

Carl Jacobs

“I think it's safe to say that the French business community was not thrilled with the way their government handled the country's position on Iraq. If we do see any slowdown in business activity with the French, it will be because of economic factors rather than for any other reasons.”

Willard Workman

“We are thrilled our prayers have been answered and that Molly and her companions are safe.”

Al Gore

?What a great feeling. To still be playing. To beat an outstanding team in Memphis. We're thrilled to be heading to Indiana.?

Ben Howland

“I feel extremely honored and thrilled that they want me to be a part of this organization. We're building a team for the future. We're young. We know what we've got.”

Carson Palmer