Throughout Related Quotes

“My scientific interests throughout my undergraduate days were directed to cell biology and especially the mysteries of embryonic development.”

Stanley Cohen

“I think that title team proved throughout the league that you could win and not just have one or two superstars. That team was lethal because you didn't know where it was coming from, and that's how they are now. You can't key on one guy on that team, especially the starting unit. That's a complete team.”

Mike Woodson

“We've identified roughly 300 of these businesses throughout San Diego County. It's one of those industries that demands skills in intellectual property.”

Gary Knight

“This seems to fit into a pattern of aggressive accounting by GM throughout the organization.”

Natasha Tsiouris

“There was never any question of our authority. BP was cooperative throughout the process. If in the future a company is not as cooperative, this rule would provide the board with an important tool.”

Daniel Horowitz

“You knew when it got late, Phil looked at me, ... There's been three or four times throughout the year he asked me how I felt I was swinging the bat or if got my spikes handy. I didn't think he was serious, and he probably wasn't. But the look that he gave me this time was very serious, and there was no kidding about it. And so I got out to the bullpen.”

Roger Clemens

“It's not like we haven't been here before. It's just impressive the way the guys dominated throughout those finals matches.”

Ron Averill

“What we're doing may be a temporary fix for the summer. We'll have to monitor it throughout the summer to see how well the rocks hold in higher flows and decide if we need to grout it.”

Scott Hobson

It looked pretty wild, but I was actually in control of myself. I've never really injured anyone throughout my career.

Oliver Kahn

Jesus not only understood Himself to be the promised Messiah, He also says and does things throughout the Gospels that make it clear He understood Himself to be God incarnate.

Keith Mathison