Throws Related Quotes

“You throw it anywhere, he catches it. Even when I make bad throws, he's there to get it.”

Phillip Saunders

“It'd be nice to get a couple warmup throws, but I went out there cold-turkey. And that's what a backup needs to do - be ready at any time. On this team, with Brett Favre in charge, that doesn't happen much, but if I am the No. 2 guy, I'll definitely be ready.”

Aaron Rodgers

“We were fortunate enough to make enough free throws in the fourth quarter. We also missed some shots inside. The score was closer than it should have been.”

Michael Hopkins

“That really sparked us. We got up about 13-14 points and we missed some free throws, but it was never in doubt once we got that big lead.”

Dale Reed

“He who throws a ball should expect it back.”

Dutch Proverb

“It seemed like every shot they put up went in and they made their free throws.”

Dan Regnier

“He throws strikes, and he knows how to get out of jams.”

Ric Sperling

“I wasn't comfortable until the game was over. That's a tall order to make all of them (free throws). There's no comfortable lead in this league.”

Charlie Smith

“In a game where [Harvard] made 100 percent of their free throws, had 16 offensive rebounds, and we had 17 turnovers, that we found a way to win shows the makeup of this team.”

James Jones

“We didn't hit our free throws and down the stretch we made some key turnovers. But our kids did play hard.”

Wayne Shelton