Throws Related Quotes

“When you don?t block out on free throws and have the ball knocked away from you late in the game, it?s tough. You have to be aware of who is around you. We made too many mental mistakes late in the game to win.”

Stan Heath

“When it counts he knocks down the shots and makes his free throws. We had to hang on but we played a solid game.”

Mike Dunleavy

“I'm just mad I missed those two free throws. We had a letdown against Cleveland, and we needed to turn that around. We couldn't let it continue.”

Chauncey Billups

“I was really happy with everybody on offense. David made some great throws, the receivers made some great catches, the line opened up holes. We were playing from behind the whole game and they kept coming back. Very pleased with what they showed.”

Mark Gould

“We missed a lot of free throws in the game, but when it came down to it in the fourth, the girls stepped up.”

Loy Moore

“I think she came out very determined. She's just a sophomore, and she hit her free throws down the stretch.”

Deb Bennett

“I loved our aggressiveness in getting to the free throw line 38 times, but missing 16 free throws in a tight game like this ... you basically shoot yourself in the foot.”

Nate Mcmillan

“It was unreal. Fumbles, dropped passes, not great throws -- it was like a whole team thing together, something that really doesn't happen. We regrouped. We just didn't regroup in time enough.”

Courtney Taylor

“Josh is obviously someone we want at the line in that situation. Our free throws tonight were the best they've been all year. At this point, you go with the guys who got you here.”

Don Showalter

“That was huge. We started hitting some free throws towards the end and that was the difference in the game.”

Scott Pischea