Tickets Related Quotes

“There were 500 tickets allotted to each school for advance sales. Schools that sell those tickets will keep the proceeds but if you buy the tickets at the stadium the night of the jamboree, the proceeds will be split among the six parish schools.”

Zeb Simon

“I'm not signing a fucking thing. You got meet and greet tickets, so you can hang around back here, but I'm not signing a fucking thing.”

Kenny Chesney

When it's your own thing there's a lot more pressure to make it awesome, since these people bought tickets specifically for you. Whereas at the festivals, you're one of many acts on a bill so I find it's less pressure.


“Instead of seeing a 1-800 number for tickets, highway drivers see nothing. All of this could have been avoided.”

Derek Slap

We're given the springboard of the text, a plane ticket, told to report to Alabama, and there's a group of people all ready to make a film and it's a marvelous life.

Albert Finney

Prayer doesn't sound like a cool hot topic that would cause people to rush to the theatre, stand in line, and buy tickets about prayer.

Stephen Kendrick

Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Hunter S. Thompson

If you don't like the idea that most of the money spent on lottery tickets supports government programs, you should know that most of the earnings from mutual funds support investment advisors' and mutual fund managers' retirement.

Robert Kiyosaki

“It's like hitting the lottery. We've got more tickets than everybody, but you've still got to hit.”

Doyle Brunson

... there is nothing so debilitating to a naturally weak sense of humor as selling tickets behind a grating ...

Kate Douglas Wiggin