Todd Related Quotes

“I think it was as important for the group to win without Todd in the lineup as it was for Todd to see the group win without him,”

Clint Hurdle

“We've talked about having somebody at the back end of the bullpen. Todd has had a tremendous career, had a fantastic year last year. ... He's not only got the ability, but the experience that we know we need.”

Dave Dombrowski

“Todd feels worse about what happened than anybody, ... He has been punished and served his time.”

Wayne Gretzky

“I think of Todd as our creative director. He is a visionary when it comes to creating unique figures.”

Larry Marder

“Todd is known as a very good guy in the locker room and is well known for working with younger players. He has a chance to become one of the veteran leaders of this team and we're going to give him that opportunity.”

Rick Dudley

“It was stunning because Todd ... is a very good friend of mine, and I didn't know he had a problem. I felt I had let him down as a friend because I didn't see it. I didn't know if I could help him or not. I took some bullets here locally because I defended him and I stood by him. What kind of friend would I have been if I hadn't been there for him?”

Gene Nudo

“It all depends on what Todd decides to do.”

Jack Wolf

“We were able to call Todd Hanni at a moment's notice and he raced here from Avon in about 30 minutes. I know his dad (Manual athletic director, Jeff Hanni). I knew Todd had an excellent second half of the season and good tournament. He just didn't quite make it (on the workout team) the first time around. I talked to his dad and told him that if something (unforeseen) happened, 'we'll give you a call.' I just didn't think it would be this 11th hour.”

Garry Donna

“What Todd went through was an aberration. He makes it easier for me and (Atkins) because he's on base every time we come up.”

Matt Holliday

“I haven't experienced that game yet, but Todd Sutton is a good friend of mine. I recruited a lot of his players when I used to be in the college game, so it will be fun. But I'm going to take it just like it's another game.”

Steve Weemer