Tomorrow Related Quotes

“Tomorrow is just going to be downright cold with highs only reaching mid-30s. Saturday's going to be the coldest day yet.”

Craig Stewart

“Be on your toes tonight-or I'll be on yours tomorrow.”

Fred Waring

“I'm just playing solid and I'm going to have to go out and do it again tomorrow, that's for sure. Because the way he played golf today ... he drove the ball fantastic, hit it close to the hole, so it just didn't look like he was going to struggle at all in any part of the game.”

David Toms

“The way the market is closing, it should open well tomorrow, but where it will end nobody knows. It's only a technical correction.”

Celso Senise

“My first task for tomorrow is to stop smiling.”

Lonnie Bunch

“The perfect place for you to be tomorrow will be exactly where you will be.”

Lorrin L. Lee

“If the father is able to take custody of the boy -- he would be here tomorrow.”

Greg Craig

“To live rich tomorrow, you must live rich today. Today is yesterday's tomorrow.”

Lorrin L. Lee

“Don't let things or people who can never be a part of your future determine how you life your life today.”

Godsway Sappor

“Game plan tomorrow is go out there, hit a lot of fairways and hang in there and see if I can make a lot of birdies coming in.”

Vijay Singh