Tonight Related Quotes

“Tonight we're presenting our package to the mayor and council. They can approve it tonight.”

Rich Young

“Pheobe: "I'm late Green Eggs and Ham discussion group. Tonight is why he would not eat them on a train."”


“When OIT handles the ball like they did tonight, they're tough to beat. We were never really in system tonight. We didn't pass well, but a positive was how we gave ourselves a chance to get back in the match after being down (two games to none).”

Paul Elliott

“A whole lot of Dontrelle Willis tonight. A little more than I cared to see.”

Phil Garner

“Well, tonight he spelled out the plan we've been operating under and that we're going to move forward with to create an independent Iraq and turn the government of Iraq over to the Iraqi people.”

Saxby Chambliss

“That's the guy we have to beat. We expected to win tonight. It's going to be tough tomorrow and the day after.”

Marlon Byrd

“We knew we were going to get their best shot; we got their best shot tonight. We were a possession away from being out of the game. We basically waited until the last possible second.”

Casey Moore

“That was huge. He stepped up in a huge way tonight with that fight and a big goal.”

Alex Auld

“We didn't do any of the little things well tonight. Every loose ball was theirs.”

Chris Zwettler

“I was out of breath. You can't explain this. There was something special going on tonight.”

Aaron Rowand