Tonight Related Quotes

“The wing blockers tonight set up excellent blocks. It made it really easy to just close.”

Mandy Eberle

“I think Sharon came in with something to prove tonight. She was focused and ready for the task at hand. We're going to need her to step like she did tonight if we want to make a run during the postseason.”

Amy Govert

“Tonight was a good start for us. We got to see a lot of good things. I think we're going to be okay this year.”

Cammie Millar

“That's the creative touch that Danny brings, and we needed that tonight. We needed our big players to step up, and I thought they stepped up in a defensive fashion and an offensive fashion for us.”

Lindy Ruff

“All three phases did a good job tonight. We were able to score off turnovers.”

Anthony Calvillo

“It was a great match. It was a great win for our girls. They were fired up tonight. Gooding's a tough team and they're really scrappy and never seem to let the ball drop. It was a total team effort.”

Chrissy Waitley

“We expected him to have an adjustment period. We didn't think he'd feel that comfortable offensively, like he did tonight.”

Gregg Popovich

“(Temecula) wasn't hitting their shots tonight, but you don't have to shoot great if you're getting second and third chances. But it wasn't for lack of effort. The guys were in there fighting.”

Kurt Ruth

“Tonight I really felt comfortable on the mound, ... I felt like everything was there. I was hitting my spots, and that's the biggest thing.”

Randy Johnson

“They had a great match tonight. They played hard tonight and yes it was an excellent way for the seniors to go out. Hopefully, we can keep playing well and maybe play some more matches at home.”

Michele Cooke