Top Related Quotes

“If you're one of the top ten banks, you have to be in the game, if only to understand it.”

Dominic Barton

“I think he's easily in the top 50. I think he's going to be one of the better corners.”

Mike Huyghue

“The agency has had so much turnover in the top spot, and turmoil throughout, that it could have benefited from a period of steady leadership.”

Michael Jacobson

“I like relays anyway, and we have a lot of top-end seniors, so this might just be our year in the relays.”

Colin Flynn

“There's no strategy; we go to the front and improve our position. He's staying on top of his game. We've been lucky.”

Sal Gonzalez

“2006 could take a lot of economists by surprise. The market is priced for the fed funds rate to top out at 4.50%, but if there is still a lot of easy money in the market, the Fed will have to keep on tightening.”

Michael Darda

“There are names in the hat and I think the next 48 hours are critical in hoping the top names I want decide to come to Edinburgh.”

Matthew Turnbull

“To get the top-end price for the coal (output), we're going to have to add additional equipment.”

David Austin

“They're both somewhere in the top five. I think ours has the potential to be one of the best ever.”

Chris Reitsma

“We had one on top and everyone else in the back. We just kept pressing and pressing. And I'm just glad (Dever) had the composure to put in the there.”

Ron Evans