Totally Related Quotes

I think the fact that I look totally artificial, but I am totally real, has its own kind of magic in it.

Dolly Parton

If you find here & now intolerable, you have options: remove yourself from the situation, change it, or accept it totally.

Eckhart Tolle

Never knock on death's door. Ring the doorbell then run. He totally hates that. - T-shirt

Darynda Jones

“A totally California thing,”

Charles Eames

“Pitching with the lead is totally different. But in your mind, you have to think it's a tie game.”

Danny Hamblin

“I would like to start. That's what I've been doing here, but that's totally up to the coaches.”

Ahmed Plummer

You have an interesting set of morals," he observed. "Breaking out of jail is okay. But steal a car, and you sound totally outraged.

Richelle Mead

TSA needs to be totally changed. I would like them to be privatized.

Paul Broun

“I know certain actors are totally screwed up on drugs, yet it gets covered up. Why wasn't I excused for 'exhaustion' or 'the flu'?”

Drew Barrymore

“It's like she walked up the steps and totally disappeared.”

Keri Pompella