Tough Related Quotes

You have to be tough.

Mike Ditka

“Parents make tough calls every single day, and part of being a parent is knowing that sometimes the things you do will work and sometimes they won't work.”

Wanda Bethea

“It's tough when you have to pull a rabbit out of the hat in the last minutes.”

Kevin Weekes

“It's really tough to gauge the reaction. So much of it is partisan-fueled.”

Mike Chambers

“We'll see how tough they can be in negotiating with the unions. They recognize now that the contract they signed last year was not very intelligent.”

Ferdinand Dudenhöffer

when times are tough, the weak bail and the tough get creative.

Kelley Armstrong

“It's tough going in the first part of the trial, but what can we do?”

Anwar Ibrahim

“Given the lift off -- which I totally missed -- it's going to be tough to break the markets down,”

Raymond James

“We've worked tremendously hard over the summer ... It's credit to our fitness guys, who have made it really tough for us.”

Chris Paterson

“It's tough to win with that many sophomores. But all 11 won at least a match at state except for our eighth-grader (Richard McKnight). We're looking to take a huge step next year.”

Kris Hayward