Toughest Related Quotes

So we have the toughest laws, and you have tremendous gun violence.

Donald Trump

The three toughest fighters I ever fought were Sugar Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Robinson and Sugar Ray Robinson. I fought Sugar so many times, I'm surprised I'm not diabetic.

Jake Lamotta

“It was probably one of the scariest finals that I ever had to swim in because I've had my toughest competition here. I've really struggled in the past racing Jodie and Alice. That's the one thing I wanted to change in this race.”

Libby Lenton

“The option (will be the toughest thing to learn) for me. Recognizing when to pitch. It's hard to pitch. You have to trust your running back.”

Corey Perkins

I don't pay no attention to what critics say about me, the good or the bad. The toughest critic I got is myself...and I'm too vain to play anything I think is bad.

Miles Davis

I want to be the toughest photographer in the world.

Don Mccullin

poets. have the toughest jobin the universe-of turning silenceinto eloquence.

Sanober Khan

The toughest individual I've ever met in my life is Jim Kelly, number 12.

Andre Reed

“If he's not one of the toughest players in the league, I don't know who is. Even in the third period I know one of the [Carolina players] was coming to hit him, and he just waited and waited and waited to take the hit and make the play.”

Glen Hanlon

“These three teams are among the five toughest in our league. Coming in off of these wins (the other being a 6-1 victory over West Haven last Wednesday) should give us the boost that we need.”

Rick Gedney