Tournament Related Quotes

“She wrestled tough. It was a long tournament with long time periods between matches. That can cause fatigue for any wrestler. She won the important matches.”

Dan Roton

“(Caulk) didn't lose a game the whole tournament, and that hardly ever happens. She has been really tough in the conference all year.”

Steve Price

“To feel like we're set for the NCAA Tournament, we have to win every single game. If we don't, we're going to feel like we're on the bubble, and we don't want to be in that position.”

Rahshon Clark

“We were the top-ranked team; it's nice to win the tournament. It's exciting to finish the regular season with a win.”

Andrea Gaston

“We have a lot of seniors and I know they want big things in this tournament since they see the end is near with their high school careers. I'm expecting a great effort from these guys. We've got a big challenge tomorrow.”

Dennis O'reilly

“Those will be good tests for us. That tournament will have some good competition. We've got a full week planned.”

Dave Lipe

?I just said, 'I'm tied for the lead at a great tournament, ... All that matters is what I do from this point forward.?

Bart Bryant

“I feel pretty good about our position as far as the NCAA tournament goes. But every game is an opportunity to improve your position. Every game is an opportunity to improve your overall team play. Hopefully we haven't peaked yet.”

Dave Hakstol

“I was hoping we could go .500 during the tournament but we played really solid and came up with some good performances. We beat some pretty good teams and really battled.”

David Ramirez

“We wrestled fairly well today. We wrestled at the Bo Henry Tournament last week; we wrestled really well there. Today, we didn't wrestle as good as we could've and I think the guys realize that; I think they kind of figured out that there may have been a few matches we lost that we should've won.”

Zach Errett