Tournament Related Quotes

“We knew they were a team with every capability to go on to states and the federation (tournament). But we weren't going to lose.”

Sarah Mesuch

“I think it's the wrong favorite. But I also said Connecticut couldn't lose in the tournament.”

Robert Walker

“Best-case scenario? To win. Obviously, it's an extremely high goal, but I always feel like any tournament I've ever played in, no matter what it is, you play to win. Obviously, it would be crazy to do here, but you've got to shoot high, and that's kind of what I'm going for.”

Sam Saunders

“I think Andrew got a bit tired cause it was his first tournament for about six months, so it was a very good effort to get to the final considering that preparation.”

Andrew Roberts

“Winona did a great job of shooting free throws and getting to the line the entire tournament.”

Don Meyer

“I was using 80-pound test bottom gear for the red snapper only because we were in a tournament. But it was my biggest snapper ever, which made it special.”

Steve Collins

“If we get firm conditions, it's going to open the tournament up to a lot more guys.”

Nick Price

“I truly feel like we have done enough to get in the tournament.”

Al Thornton

“This will benefit us in the long run in the tournament. We've faced every type of adversity throughout the season. We've been down before and lost leads. Now, we're ready for tournament play.”

Dane Bradshaw

“We went from zero to ACC Tournament bracket-buster.”

Chris Ellis