Track Related Quotes

“If it wasn't for this race track, the sport wouldn't look like it does today.”

Chris Browning

“The only way she can get it in her system is injection because her digestive track is all screwy, ... She can't absorb it in pill form or food.”

Eric Berg

“I can keep track of fouls, possession, points, the time, you name it. It just takes a few seconds to set it up and you can keep track of everything. Tuesday night at Calvary Baptist was the first time I had any problems with the program. The timer was running too fast so we couldn't use the clock feature. Other than that it's worked great.”

Chad Yusten

“We would like to see a comparative analysis of the double-track option and the cost-benefit analysis in financial and human terms of both.”

Lloyd Smith

“We got some excellent performances both on the track and in the field. We showed today that we are a very well-rounded team.”

Curt Miller

“If he stays healthy, we'll be able to get him back on track.”

Mike Hargrove

“We are on a good track to reach the market share that we need.”

Hermann Eul

“We were doing real well at the start of the game and we lost track of some of the things that got us there. When things are going well offensively, we need to not forget to play at the other end.”

Dave Bliss

“Somebody was laying something down on the track. I knew the tires were getting bad. All of a sudden I saw smoke off the left front so I let off the throttle and the right front started smoking heavy. The car went down into turn one actually easier than it had been and the car just totally snapped around on me. Somebody must have been putting something down on the track. That's what they were saying.”

Mike Barnes

“That's completely inaccurate. We have a long history and strong track record of supporting diversity in our advertising.”

Dave Dececco