Traffic Related Quotes

“We didn't want an unsuspecting police officer to walk up to him in a traffic and get shot and killed. We tried the best that we could, but I guess we did not try hard enough.”

Capt. Richard Spirlet

“Paul George (principal planner with the Jackson Planning Department) kept telling them the noise and the traffic (from the bar) would not be a problem. That is why I think it is a gay issue.”

Chris Sullivan

“We conducted traffic simulations on how all the traffic stacked up. Not just in summer when everyone is gone on vacation, but in the holiday season.”

Darren Mattix

“You have rebuked our attempts to design a road that is safer for children and will calm traffic in front of the school.”

Chuck Dickson

“Our county jails are usually at full capacity already. These casinos would bring in a significant increase in traffic and alcohol-related crimes and arrests. Anytime you bring in something like that, you will have an increase in crime.”

Patrick Blacklock

“The patrons of the library were somewhat inconvenienced due to the voter traffic and parking spaces.”

Paula Paschal

“It's a viable idea if you want to clear traffic now. I think this can be done.”

Charles Djou

“I'm more impressed with some of the defensive plays we made, steals, tips in the lane, rebounds in traffic. I thought they all stepped up and did that.”

Mike Thibault

“Eric worked hard. He likes traffic. He gives you the same thing every day - it doesn't matter what group he's in (whether against rookies or veterans).”

Darryl Sutter

“We were able to shave costs, including $50,000 on a blinking traffic light, and there are impact fees in place for any other developments.”

Kenneth King