Tragic Related Quotes

“We had a tragic summer marked by a spate of air crashes that claimed more then 500 lives,”

Jacques Barrot

“States like Maryland should be applauded, not sued, for trying to address the tragic fact that in state after state Wal-Mart forces taxpayers to subsidize its health-care costs.”

Chris Kofinis

“I think it is a historical tragic mistake to open the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt and to enable Egyptian troops to be deployed on the Israeli border again.”

Yuval Steinitz

“It is a common tragic irony that the loudest people are rarely the ones who are the smartest or most correct, yet they are more often than not the ones with the most unsolicited advice on how everything should be.”

Mike E. Knezevich, Jr.

“The coaches say we went from Hilton Magic to Hilton Tragic. On the road, we really bring it. I can't explain what happens at home. It's crazy.”

Will Blalock

“The tragic effects of terrorism have forced the new-construction industry to re-evaluate traditional methods of fire protection in commercial infrastructures,”

Craig Scott

“What may seem depressing or even tragic to one person may seem like an absolute scream to another person, especially if he has had between four and seven beers.”

Dave Barry

“Can an ass be tragic? To perish under a burden one can neither bear nor throw off? The case of the philosopher.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

“I believe that this case is about the unfortunate tragic death of a young pregnant mother who was an innocent bystander, killed as a result of a young man, legally and justifiably defending himself.”

Clyde Bennett

“It's tragic. My client is very sad that Mr. Bronson left the earth. But I'm disappointed that Colorado authorities didn't look into it further before they decided to drag my client out here.”

Chris Collins