Tragic Related Quotes

“would be a tragic mistake for the nation.”

Anthony Principi

“It just appears to be a very tragic accident.”

Carlos Alvarez

“We're trying to get the investigation wrapped up. Obviously, it's a horrible and tragic situation for the families of the Christensens.”

Dave Brennan

“When he understands, as few others do, something of his home that is funny, or sad, or tragic, or cruel, or beautiful, or true, he knows he must do so as a stranger.”

William Morris

“It is a common tragic irony that the loudest people with the least education or variety of life experiences are rarely the ones who are the smartest or most correct, yet they are more often than not the ones with the most unsolicited advice on how everything should be.”

Mike E. Knezevich, Jr.

“To me it's a very tragic thing ... the county totally ignored that it was a flood plain.”

Alice Raine

“No center has access to it. This is a tragic problem, because the results are very promising and there is no other therapy to prevent this problem from occurring. I hope this report helps resurrect the issue.”

Dr. Aldo T. Iacono

“although the NTSB has not yet determined the cause of this tragic accident, and we know of no evidence that these parts played any role in the accident, the FAA is ordering these changes to ensure that we take every practical step to ensure the continued safety of the Boeing 747.”

Jane Garvey

“This penalty is in no way meant to place a value on the tragic loss of life in this case. Each human life is priceless.”

Corlis Sellers

“This was a sad and tragic development. It was neither my client's nor my wish to exploit the situation.”

Gerald Shargel